The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today’s winner is Belgian Gardens State School in Townsville Australia. They get the award for the following

Belgian Gardens State School in Townsville has banned all gymnastics activities during lunch breaks, declaring it dangerous because it has the potential to cause back and neck injuries.

Cali Buschgens, 10, has been reprimanded for cartwheeling on school grounds and her grandmother Val Bryce says the ban is a sad reflection on modern society.

“Sadly I think this is probably linked with the current society where litigation is rife and I feel that schools are probably trying to avoid a child being hurt and an irresponsible mother then trying to sue them for it,” she said.

Education Queensland has defended the ban on unsupervised gymnastic activities.

Regional executive director Vicki Baylis says fear of litigation was never a factor in the decision and it was made purely for the students safety.

“The issue around the gymnastics is around the safety of the kids and it was not motivated by any concept of litigation, but certainly [by] that safety and well-being component of those kids when we’re talking heads and necks and potentially backs if there were an injury.”

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says she is surprised by the decision, and says the school is obviously taking student safety very seriously.

“I’d be interested to hear from this school what prompted them to take this action, because school communities by and large try to meet the standards that parents have in that community,” she said.

Another instance of the Nanny state run amok. We can’t have any gymnastics, someone may get hurt! Did you know around 100 children a year get killed walking to school? Get your priorities straight Vicki Baylis. In the meantime I name Belgian Gardens State School in Townsville Australia today’s Knucklehead of the Day.

Thank you to a Wizbang reader who tipped me off to this news.

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