Tasergate Findings may be Delayed Until After Elections

Tasergate should even exist because the whole thing is a political witch hunt created to hurt a woman who took on the corruptocrats in Alaska and won. They’re just bitter because she kicked their butts. From the Guardian:

The Republicans today effectively won their battle to delay the findings of the Troopergate investigation into Sarah Palin until after the White House election on November 4.

Her husband, Todd, and other witnesses signalled late yesterday they would ignore subpoenas demanding they attend an Alaska senate judiciary hearing into the affair in Anchorage today.

One of the Democrats on the committee, Bill Wielechowski, admitted that Todd Palin and the others could continue to refuse to testify for months without facing a penalty.

A lawyer for Todd Palin, Thomas van Flein, told the investigators the subpoena was “unduly burdensome” because he would be out on the campaign trail with his wife until election day.

“His scheduling obligations over the next two months will make it virtually impossible for him to prepare for and present the testimony called for in the subpoena at the specified location during that time period,” Flein said in a letter.

This joke of an investigation has been defanged, much to The One’s disappointment, I’m sure.

Update: According to the AP, ultra-enthusiastic Obama supporter Senator Hollis French is going to ram the investigation through even without key witnesses. The sham findings are supposed to be released October 10th.

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