I love it when the Anchoress gets cranky

Unfortunately the Anchoress is cranky because she has a fever, and I do wish her a speedy recovery, but I do so love it when she gets annoyed and decides to just let everyone have it. She calls quite a few out today, but no one as effectively as Sandra Bernhard who says Sarah Palin should be “gang-raped by black men.”

How disgusting. How low-class. And racist, too. Bernhard says about the worse thing you can say: Palin should be gang-raped. But she goes out of her way to specify; she should be gang-raped by black men. Apparently that makes it even worse, in Bernhard’s little mind. So, Disgusting. Low-class and yes, Racist.

Can you imagine if anyone had ever – ever – said anything even half as heinous as this about Hillary Clinton, the justifiable outrage and screaming we’d be hearing in the press, on the talk shows, on Oprah?

But Sarah Palin is the wrong sort of successful woman, so this is taken with a shrug and a smile by the left. And the right is “over-reacting.”

It’s so infantile. Sandra Bernhard is another perpetual adolescent, standing at a microphone saying “twat” and thinking that makes her “edgy.” (Why is the left convinced that if they swear and show a little T & A they’re “edgy” – oh, right, they’re perpetually 14 years old).

Bernhard is infantile and tiresome. If only her mother had allowed her to say “poopyhead” when she was five; she might have it out of her system by now, and would not need to stand before a microphone running through all of her “edgy” words. …and then she really lays into her.

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