The AP Blames the Victim

Michelle Malkin published an email exchange between one of her readers and Ted Bridis, an AP reporter. This is Bridis’ response as to why he focused on the nature of the emails instead of the fact her email was hacked to begin with:

From: “Bridis, Ted”
Subject: RE: Palin’s email theft

If Gov. Palin hadn’t been using a consumer-level Yahoo! account (more than one, actually) this crime wouldn’t have happened because the hacker exploited the service’s “forgot-my-password” mechanism, which is inherently insecure.

Previously disclosed e-mails indicate her administration embraced Yahoo! Accounts, among other reasons, because of questions over whether personal e-mail accounts are covered under Alaska’s Open Records Act. Palin’s critics in Alaska were poring over records they had obtained from the governor’s office of official internal e-mail communications and causing political hay.

The issues are inextricably linked.

So Sarah Palin’s personal private email account through Yahoo! was hacked and the reporter’s logic is this: since she used a consumer internet based email, she had it coming. The Associated (with Obama) Press is now the champion of the blame the victim mentality.

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