Left Wing Hater Hacks into Sarah Palin's Private Email Account

I’ve been following this all afternoon but I haven’t written anything until now because I was too pissed. Everyday I am learning that there doesn’t seem to be a rock bottom for the scum who support Obama. Today we learned that a left wing nut hacked into Sarah Palin’s private – PRIVATE – email account and splashed the contents all over the internet. Gawker is a website without any scruples and is promoting Palin’s private information even though it was illegally obtained.

It’s been reported in a number of places, the New York Daily News, Caleb Howe, as well as others that Anonymous was behind the hacking. Michelle Malkin, however, got detailed information from someone who is knowledgeable on the subject of all things internet about how this hack job went down:

Here’s the short version: there is a site called 4chan.org. It is an image posting site based on a popular Japanese site. The site contains multiple boards, each of which is dedicated to a particular subject. The most notorious of these boards is called /b/. /b/ is the board dedicated to random images. /b/tards, as its denizens are called, are interested only in their own amusement. Their sense of humor runs the gamut from sick to cruel to merely strange. Lolcats, as made famous by http://www.icanhascheezburger.com, originated on /b/. A lot of memes start there. There is a lot of racist humor — pictures of excited and happy black people in proximity to fried chicken abound. There is a lot of pornography. Sometimes it’s child pornography, although posting that is moderator grounds for banning — no, it’s not a pedophile ring; /b/tards post it because they think doing so is funny.

4chan does not log participants. Most people don’t use or have usernames, and post instead as “Anonymous.” And every so often, a number of /b/’s anonymous denizens decide to make somebody’s life hell. Sometimes it’s a random person who offends /b/’s sense of propriety. Sometimes it’s a forum dedicated to a serious topic. Sometimes it’s Scientology. And Tuesday, it was Sarah Palin. Or it would have been.

Sarah Palin’s email account was hacked by one person. Not a group.

No matter who did this, his criminal actions will more than likely help Sarah Palin by causing people to sympathize with her, and he will get him a 5 year sentence in federal prison once he’s caught. This person hacked into the private email of a vice presidential candidate who is being protected by the Secret Service and who is now investigating this crime. Good luck evading them. Head on over to Michelle’s place because her source also includes a message from the hacker himself. Here’s part:

I read though the emails… ALL OF THEM… before I posted, and what I concluded was anticlimactic, there was nothing there, nothing incriminating, nothing that would derail her campaign as I had hoped, all I saw was personal stuff, some clerical stuff from when she was governor…. And pictures of her family (emphasis mine)

Obama supporter, it seems. The One attracts some really classy people.

Unfortunately, there are media outlets who are making the Secret Service’s investigation difficult. The Secret Service asked the AP for copies of the emails they obtained. They refused. Nice. Way to go protecting the lawbreakers, AP. Classy, you folks are.

In an earlier post, Michelle Malkin provides us the details of what the hacker managed to steal:

The Gawker smear machine — see here for all the background you need — has posted private family photos of Palin’s children that were apparently stolen from the e-mail account.

They have used Bristol Palin’s illegally obtained private cell phone number from her mom’s private account, recorded her voicemail message, and posted it on their website.

They have reprinted her husband Todd’s private e-mail address and son Track’s private e-mail address.

Anchoress has a great post and starts off with this:

Remember in 2000, when Rick Lazio was running against Hillary Clinton for the NY Senate, and he walked across the stage to hand her a piece of paper and was instantly condemned as “threatening” and excoriated for “invading her space?”

A lot of people regard that as the moment Lazio lost the race. People didn’t like perceiving a woman as being “threatened.” They did not like her “space” being invaded.

Now the Obamaphiles – the angry, crazed, hate-filled part of the left who cannot understand the right and will not play fair – has hacked into Sarah Palin’s email account. They’ve invaded her privacy and that of her family in a way so intrusive it can ONLY be perceived as threatening. People will not like that. WOMEN will not like that. Idiots.

Update: We have a comment from the FBI in Alaska:

FBI Spokesman Eric Gonzalez in Anchorage, Alaska confirms to CNN an investigation is underway.

“We are aware of the allegations and we are coordinating with Secret Service as far as the allegation that someone has hacked into Governor Palin’s personal e-mail account,” he said. “We are going to be working a joint investigation with Secret Service on this.”

Brian Hale, an FBI spokesman in Washington, also confirms the FBI has been contacted about the incident. Two federal law enforcement sources say the FBI and Secret Service would have concurrent jurisdiction normally on a matter such as this, but it remains to be seen if the Secret Service will take the lead on the investigation because Palin is a protectee.

Update II: Jonathan Martin of The Politico is on Greta and his focus isn’t on the invasion of privacy but on “what else could be out there,” meaning that he’s hoping that she gets caught breaking the law.

And Greta’s panel comprised of Gloria, Bernie, and, Ted are kind of justifying the hacking under the excuse that she may have broken the law. Greta has to remind everyone that Sarah is presumed innocent, but her guests want nothing to do with that.

Update III: Macsmind, who has a contact at DOJ, reports that the investigation into who hacked into Sarah Palin’s private email account is in full gear. And Gawker should be a bit nervous tonight:

Intercept of private email communication – even of a public figure – is a federal offense. Not only can the original hackers be charged, but all those who posted the messages as well. The website Gawker may be in further trouble for going beyond the email to post pics from the Palin’s personal message box, as well as other personal information that may be afoul of laws dealing with identity theft…

Loose source, but Gawker is a New York based blog and reports are swirling that the feds could seek a court order forcing a shut down of the site. As you know they have posted the emails and pics. Nothing in “Freedom of the Press” allows stolen, hacked private information, to be posted online, much more when it’s a Vice Presidential candidate. According to an attorney I spoke with, “This is ten times worse than posting a Tom Cruise video”…”They’re in serious trouble”.

Note: Alaska has some of the most strict privacy laws in the nation, and Palin is still the Governor…

The Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force will be looking into this. It’s being considered positively “endangerment of a candidate” at this point.

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