Kos To Kossacks: We Haven't Been Scummy Enough!

The head Kossack has spoken: the way to help Obama win is to be as disgusting as possible.

I’m not about to revert to writing puff pieces about Obama thinking that his magic “new politics” bullshit will carry us to victory. He may or may not believe that crap, but I don’t. We’re going to win this thing the way campaigns are won — by playing hardball. Politics is a blood sport. Republicans understand this and never flinch from flinging the shit. We won’t win until we learn to fight back in kind. And I’m more than happy to get down in the mud with our friends on the Right so Obama doesn’t have to.

So far, before this pronouncement, Daily Kos has managed to achieve the following:

  • Sarah Palin’s youngest son is her grandson — Trig is actually her daughter’s son, possibly by Palin’s husband.
  • Sarah Palin belonged to a radical Alaskan separatist group.
  • Sarah Palin tried to ban books at the city library when she was mayor.
  • Sarah Palin slashed funding for helping pregnant teens.
  • Sarah Palin slashed funding for special needs students.

All these either started or were heavily pushed by diarists at Daily Kos, and spread around the internet at the speed of light. I’d link to each of the original articles, but Kos has a policy that when an article proves too embarrassing, they delete it, attempting to destroy any evidence that it ever happened. (In legal matters, this is known as “obstruction of justice.” Historically, it’s best exemplified by the Soviet Union’s constant rewriting of its history — a practice Orwell described brilliantly in “1984.”)

Kos’ honesty is refreshing, if nothing else. He admits that he’s right down in the mud, flinging whatever he can and hoping that something will stick. And by his site’s past performance, “truth” is utterly irrelevant.

When will Barack Obama choose to distance himself from this? When will he take down his diary at Kos?

I ain’t holding my breath. But just keep this in mind — if you hear any negative stories about McCain and Palin, and they can be traced back to Daily Kos, you’re probably pretty safe in assuming that it’s not only bullshit, but that the opposite of whatever it says is true.

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