Documents Show Reason for "Troopergate" Firing

I wondered when John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate why the so called “Troopergate” scandal did not scare him off. I mean, why pick someone under a microscope with an ethics investigation hanging over her head? As I heard the specifics of the Walt Monegan firing, supposedly because he would not fire Palin’s ex-brother-in-law who had so many problems of his own, it made more sense. The brother-in-law trooper was far from just “going through a messy divorce” as those in the media continually describe. He tasered his stepson, threatened Palin’s family, etc. and was a trooper with a badge and a gun, so it would not have been unreasonable for her to want him fired. But all along Palin maintained that was not the reason Monegan was let go anyway — that it was over disagreements over budget and policy. Maybe McCain was shown the memos/emails that have now been released to the public.

I received a copy of the documents last night and could only wonder how the media completely missed this story? (Okay, I know the answer.) The documents clearly show Monegan as someone completely out of control. He disagreed with Palin’s budget, and went behind her back, and attempted to go over her head, to get his way, pushing a program that Palin had vetoed. He even took an unauthorized trip to Washington. Remember, he was a political appointee. The governor was his boss and he was off pushing an agenda that was at odds with hers. It was completely within her rights to fire him. Ed Morrisey reviewed the documents and has written an excellent summary of the story they tell. What is amazing, as Ed also says, is not that she fired Monegan, but that he was able to hang onto his job as long as he did.

Here is an excerpt from Ed’s post at Hot Air:

According to the papers filed by Palin’s legal team, that was not the only instance of insubordination from Monegan:

12/9/07: Monegan holds a press conference with Hollis French to push his own budget plan.

1/29/08: Palin’s staffers have to rework their procedures to keep Monegan from bypassing normal channels for budget requests.

February 2008: Monegan publicly releases a letter he wrote to Palin supporting a project she vetoed.

June 26, 2008: Monegan bypassed the governor’s office entirely and contacted Alaska’s Congressional delegation to gain funding for a project.

From this presentation, it looks like Monegan had decided from the start to be a loose cannon in the Palin administration. The wonder of this isn’t that he got fired — it’s how he managed to hang onto his job as long as he did. The response calls Monegan’s trip to Washington the “final straw”, and it’s not difficult to see why. Monegan even admitted it in his valedictory e-mail to his colleagues, saying that he “had waited too long outside her door for her to believe that I supported her.” Nor did Monegan file an ethics complaint, as the law would have required him to do, if he felt his termination violated state ethics laws. (Palin filed the complaint herself to argue the case.)

I don’t see how anyone, including those in the media, could read those documents and not see ample reason for Palin to fire Monegan. And when you review the documents you also see the role Hollis French played in all this before there was even an investigation — and then he was put in charge of it! Remember what the Clintonites said about Ken Starr during the Lewinsky investigation? Well, in the case of Hollis French, that stuff is actually true. It is almost too much to believe. Is there anyone left in the mainstream media that values the truth over the goal of getting their guy elected? I guess we will see.

Sarah Palin has been branded as being “under an ethical cloud” and all but convicted in the court of media opinion for firing Walt Monegan because he refused to fire her poor innocent brother-in-law trooper who was “going through a messy divorce with her sister.” Once again the news consumer has been misled and no matter what is reported now, many will forever associate Palin with “ethics problems.”

I really hope I am wrong, but I would be completely shocked if anyone at NBC, CBS, CNN or ABC (especially Kate Snow or Charlie Gibson) take the time to actually review these documents and accurately report their contents to their viewers. And don’t even get me started on whether or not I believe they will ever devote as much attention to investigating Barack Obama’s relationship with William Ayers or ACORN as they have to “Troopergate.”

Update: Speaking of Ayers, there is an excellent piece at American Thinker today which does what the mainstream media won’t — investigate the real relationship Obama had with that guy he said just lives in his neighborhood. It is a must read.

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