The Obama Story You Aren't Hearing on Your Network News

Doug Ross has the Obama story the media has not yet gotten around to covering. My guess is they are just following Oprah’s lead and putting it off until after the election. What with all the baby bump pictures to review that first week, and then with all the stories about that nice Alaska state trooper that was so unfortunate to be going through a messy divorce with Sarah Palin’s sister when she became governor, they have hardly had time to breathe. Oh, and that nice Democrat Obama supporter has promised them an October surprise all wrapped up with a big blue bow on top so there just will not be time to look into Obama’s relationship with an unrepentant domestic terrorist.

Update: Watch the video at Ace of Spades that contains all the information Doug Ross lays out in his post. Then explain to me why the media is not even pretending to look into this story.

Update II: If you are wondering where the media get their marching orders

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