Ike Ate My Homework, and Some of the Neighborhood …

… but on the whole, we are lucky. Got water back Sunday, and got power back today.

Early thoughts: Mayor White looks real tired, now I can see TV. That explains how dumb he’s sounded since Saturday. Not to be mean, but he was better before the storm than after it.

Judge Emmitt is a git. He got defensive and wasted 20 minutes of a press conference last night shoving blame on everyone else for supplies running out and POD schedules not being released. Self-serving politician and just about useless.

FEMA is run by morons. The first deliveries came in Sunday, without announcement or schedule, they were disorderly and ran out before most folks found out about them. FEMA also thought the best way for victims to find out how to get what they needed was to GO ONLINE or CALL. A few problems there, Einstein, beginning with the fact that only 18% of Harris County and even less of Galveston County had any power or phone service at that time, and the ones lucky enough to have cell phones either could not get through because FEMA commandeered cell airwaves, or their cell batteries were dead. FEMA apparently only hires people who have NO direct experience in addressing a real disaster … morons.

Lakewood Church is a fraud. While many area churches made sure to find their members in need and try to help, once again the richest church in Houston has focused its efforts on … selling books and tapes!

Houston will be fine in a while, but it will take a while. Very few people died, I am very happy to say, and as usual individual business owners and community leaders (not organizers, thank you God for sparing us the tender attentions of Barack Obama) are doing the most to get things cleaned up and running again, but almost no street lights are working, there’s a lot of debris from fences, signs, roofs and other materials in the roads. Just about 70% of Harris County still does not have power, which means no AC or phones or TV, and downtown took a lot of damage to building faces. My own company will be closed through Tuesday for sure, and we have to see after that. Just as well, because my daughter’s school is closed all week and I do not think the daycare will be open. I just hope my mechanic opens up this week so I can get my car repaired before I go back to work, since there is no Park n Ride service right now (with no ETA) and I cannot drive my car far as it is, But I can’t complain, the car, some windows and a few boards, no roof damage or structural damage at all, which is more than many others can say.


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