Disgusting smear of the day: Sarah Palin molests teenage boys

I’m trying to figure out why this woman still has a career. Why??

First of all, given Randi Rhodes’ line of work, isn’t criticizing a woman for being too opinionated a bit hypocritical? I surely don’t begrudge anyone that. I’m opinionated and I know it. It’s not a problem unless you start doing the kinds of things the left routinely does: try to silence and intimidate those who disagree with you, smear and insult those with different opinions, etc. Yet here is Randi Rhodes not only calling Sarah Palin too opinionated, but she accuses her of sleeping with teenage boys!

What in the hell is wrong with this woman!? And who listens to her? I just don’t understand how it is that anyone gives her the time of day. You’ve got her POW smear against John McCain. She faked a mugging to cover up the fact that she was drunk (although she always sounds like she’s hammered to me). She’s joked repeatedly about assassinating President Bush. She doesn’t reserve her vitriol for the right only, though — her classiness was also directed towards Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro, whom she called “f*cking whores”, among other things.

And now she’s launched a despicable smear against Sarah Palin with absolutely no basis in reality and no evidence to back it up — anything to make her look bad, right? Who cares how baseless an accusation it is? I don’t think there’s a single low Randi Rhodes won’t stoop to.

Yet for some reason, she continues to have a career in the public eye. I’m not sure if there is anyone who has less class and is more hate-filled than Randi Rhodes. She embodies everything that is wrong with the Left, yet she’s embraced by them. It says a lot.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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