Gina Gershon, You're No Sarah Palin

I found this video of has been Gina Gershon parodying Sarah Palin at the Huffington Post while looking into Larry Persily. Why was I looking into Mr. Persily? Well, it seems he is CNN’s newest “defeat Sarah Palin” source. CNN quoted Mr. Persily in one of their articles about earmarks and described him this way:

[L]ongtime Alaska journalist and former Palin staffer Larry Persily,

What CNN didn’t tell us in their article is that Mr. Persily is also a new contributor at the Huffington Post, one of the most far left, fringe websites that’s working overtime to slime Sarah Palin. So, of all the people in Alaska that CNN had to choose from as a source about Sarah Palin, they chose a member of the minority of Alaskans, a mere 14%, who don’t like Governor Palin. As Steve Schippert notes below, minority rules at CNN.

So, back to Gina Gershon who tries to be funny but fails.

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