Charlie Gibson's Interview with Sarah Palin

It’s on right now. From the first few minutes, I can say she’s very confident and driven. I have to say, this tape appears to be heavily edited from what I can tell.

I can’t tell if this is meant to be a preview or if it’s supposed to be the full interview because it’s shocking how she was edited mid-sentence. I want to hear everything she said.

The first part of the interview, which was about international relations, is over. From what I can tell she held her own very well about Russia, Georgia, Iran, and Israel, but, as I said, the tape was so horribly edited that I can’t tell if her entire answer was included. I hope to God McCain’s team independently taped this interview, because Gibson chopped up what she said terribly.

He asked her if she agreed with the Bush doctrine, to which she asked in what regard. The Bush Doctrine can be defined based upon someone’s political view. The look on her face and tone in her voice told me she was suspicious of the question, like she was waiting for a gotcha.

Second part is beginning. He’s asking her about her comments in her old church, where she said our leaders are sending our troops on a task from God or something from that. He then asked her if we’re fighting a Holy war. She said her comments were in reference to a quote to Abraham Lincoln.

And then he asked her her views on God and her son Track.

On the whole, Charlie Gibson seemed really condescending in some places. The way he looked at her was a bit over the top, like she wasn’t worth his time.

Commenters at Hot Air are also pissed about the awful editing job. Also some are saying that this wasn’t an interview, it was a quiz and they’re right. I don’t remember in adult life any VP candidate being treated so aggressively as Charlie Gibson treated her. I don’t expect softballs by any stretch of the imagination, but she should be treated in the same manner as a man would be treated. Instead, Charlie treated her like she was a bug that he had to squash. Governor Palin was in response aggressive as well.

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