NYT Dumps Union & US Mag's New Quarterly

US Magazine (you know the one) just announced it will be launching a new quarterly magazine. The excitement in the air surrounding the announcement is simply palpable. The new quarterly publication is, according to press releases, intended to honor the spirit of the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ and be dedicated to conservative American culture, and US is tentatively calling the publication THEM.

Well, OK, so maybe not. It is planned to cover more pressing topics still under-served by the periodical industry: Fashion. Scuttlebutt has it that Sarah Palin’s hair on the recent US cover gave them the idea. The Wall Street Journal has the story.

Rather than retrench and ride out the magazine industry’s current slump, US Weekly’s publisher, Jann Wenner is pushing ahead with a plan to expand the franchise. Next spring, his Wenner Media LLC plans to introduce a fashion quarterly designed to give readers a guide to dressing and primping like the celebrities who appear in the magazine’s weekly pages.

How unique.

Meanwhile, in other news in the unoriginal publications arena, the New York Times is shutting down its unionized distribution unit and shed itself of 550 workers and their union-negotiated salaries. The Times is seeking to claw out of the red and into the black in order to survive.

Readers should anxiously await the next New York Times editorial that addresses the economy, workers, and unions in America. And whatever will former Clinton administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reichhhhhh write in his next OpEd? Hmmmmm…

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