C- in Presidential history

Ezra Klein writing at the LA Times needs some remedial lessons.

THE LOSERS: Since LBJ, six sitting or former U.S. senators have been nominated to run for president. None was elected

LBJ was elected in 1964. So lets start counting in 1968 all past or present senators who ran for President. I’ll put their years served in office in parentheses.

Hubert Humphrey(49-64)
Richard Nixon(51-53)
George McGovern(63-81)
Walter Mondale(64-76)
Bob Dole(69-96)
Al Gore(85-93)
John Kerry(85-present)
Barak Obama(05-present)
John McCain(87-present)

Now lets count the total above. 1…2…3…4….5….6…7….8….9. Nine isn’t six. If you think Klein wasn’t counting McCain and Obama, it is still 7. Klein most likely forgetting Richard Nixon’s short tenure in the US Senate. Where are all those factcheckers the MSM is so proud of? Why doesn’t the LA Times fix the columnist’s mistake at their website?

That ends my nitpick of the day. Open heart surgery hasn’t changed me that much.

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