BBC is Helping Defeat Obama

This isn’t going to have any positive impact for Obama. We Americans resent it when other countries try to tell us for whom to vote because it’s pretty obvious that the citizenry of other countries don’t have our best interests at heart. You’ll have to work hard to convince me this poll isn’t the kiss of death for Obama:

US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama may be struggling to nudge ahead of his Republican rival in polls at home, but people across the world want him in the White House, a BBC poll said.

All 22 countries covered in the poll would prefer to see Senator Obama elected US president ahead of Republican John McCain.

In 17 of the 22 nations, people expect relations between the US and the rest of the world to improve if Senator Obama wins.

More than 22,000 people were questioned by pollster GlobeScan in countries ranging from Australia to India and across Africa, Europe and South America.

The margin in favour of Senator Obama ranged from 9 per cent in India to 82 per cent in Kenya, while an average of 49 per cent across the 22 countries preferred Senator Obama compared with 12 per cent preferring Senator McCain. Some four in 10 did not take a view.

“Large numbers of people around the world clearly like what Barack Obama represents,” GlobeScan chairman Doug Miller said.

That’s because he seems to represent the rest of the world better than he does his own country. The BBC did a world poll back in 2004 that put John Kerry on top of George W. Bush for whom the world prefered as president of the United States. Didn’t do Kerry any good and I don’t expect this will do Obama any good, either.

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