Another Smear Dismantled — Track Palin Deployment Info

We have posted quite a few items on the various smears against Sarah Palin. This morning I posted the most recent, from that Sarah Palin violated operational security. Bob Owens has now dismantled the claim.

Jon Soltz, a former U.S. Army Captain, Iraq War veteran, and chairman of, is claiming that gov. Palin violated operational security by revealing that her eldest son, Track, would be deploying to Iraq. Soltz repeated the smear on another prominent political web site, the Huffington Post.

But the claim Gov. Palin violated operational security is demonstrably false, which Soltz, as a former soldier, should have know before posting his claims. CNN’s Anderson Cooper dismantled Soltz’s transparently partisan attack, pointing out that the Pentagon announced Track Palin’s unit was deploying to Iraq back in May, and that the unit itself had announced a public deployment ceremony a month before Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate. Two separate field-grade officers contacted have confirmed that Palin in no way violated operational security.

Some news agencies have released far more about Track Palin’s deployment and his unit, including claiming to know to which province his unit would be deploying in Iraq. Without the benefit of any evidence at all, Soltz claims that the McCain-Palin campaign must be behind this disclosure. Though it damages his credibility and tarnishes the veteran’s group he chairs, Jon Soltz has put his credibility and that of on the line in hopes of undermining a proud soldier’s mother for releasing already public information. In the same post he goes on to list a handful of other Palin smears that have cost some in the media their credibility.

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