Rasmussen: McCain Takes the Lead

Yesterday, Rasmussen’s polling showed Obama up by one without leaners and three with leaners. Today, however, Rasmussen shows McCain up by one with and without leaners:

In the first national polling results based entirely on interviews conducted after the Republican National Convention, McCain attracts 47% of the vote while Obama earns 46%. When “leaners” are included, it’s McCain 48% and Obama 47%.

Rasmussen’s bump isn’t as strong as the USA Today/Gallup poll but it’s there nonetheless and it should grow tomorrow.

USA Today has a new article that goes into detail on their poll with Gallup and notes this interesting fact:

In the new survey, more voters call themselves Republicans. Now 48% say they’re Democrats or lean to the Democratic Party; 47% say they’re Republicans or lean to the GOP.

This is significant because pollsters will, if they’re worth anything, adjust the weighting of their polls to reflect this party affiliation shift. As Wizbang’s resident poll expert, I’d love it if DJ offered his thoughts on this shift.

The Hedgehog Report links to Survey USA which notes that McCain is now leading in virtually every issue that Americans have identified as being important to them:

And if things weren’t going bad enough for Obama, Survey USA has some very interesting numbers in their latest poll. McCain now leads Obama on a wide range of issues on who the American people think will do a better job.

Better Plan For Iraq (Survey USA)
McCain (R) 55%
Obama (D) 41%

Better Plan For Energy Independence (Survey USA)
McCain (R) 54%
Obama (D) 42%

Better Plan For Health Care (Survey USA)
McCain (R) 46%
Obama (D) 45%

Stronger on Education (Survey USA)
McCain (R) 50%
Obama (D) 45%

Stronger on Environment (Survey USA)
Obama (D) 49%
McCain (R) 41%

If you click over to Survey USA’s post, take a look at the results to this question:

If you were placing a bet today, would you bet that Barack Obama will be elected president? Or, John McCain will be elected president?

The results:

McCain (R) 49%
Obama (D) 44%

Wow. Just wow.

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