Miracle of miracles! One of the 60 states identified!

Remember the 60 states? He’s been to 57 states, with one left to go, and that doesn’t include Hawaii and Alaska. Here’s a refresher:

Well, Obama has finally identified one of them for us. I give you… New Pennsylvania!


I see a steel worker for Obama here. You use a lot of steel when you make… put… put bridge together! And if people tell you that we can’t do it, you just remember that we are spending $10 billion a month in Iraq, when the Iraqis have $79 billion in surplus that they have parked in a New York bank account and are getting interest for. And I don’t think that makes much sense, I think we should spend some of that money right here in New Pennsylvania!

It should probably go without saying, but there is no city called New Pennsylvania. My first thought was, maybe that’s the city he’s speaking in. But no. He was in New Philadelphia, OH.

Liberals will like to brush this off as Obama just misspeaking. No big deal, right? But for the past eight years, they’ve castigated Bush for every fumble he’s ever made in any speech he’s ever given. If McCain slips up, it’s because he’s old and senile. Yet when Barack Obama does it, he’s just misspeaking.

I also kind of raised an eyebrow at this mysterious $79 billion surplus Iraq supposedly has hiding out in New York bank accounts. Any facts to back that up? Unlikely.

Hat Tip: JackM. at Ace of Spades

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