What's Sarah Palin Afraid Of?

The current meme going around is that Sarah Palin is “afraid” to go on the Sunday talk shows, that she’s somehow intimidated by regular reporters.

I’m finding myself wondering what she’s so nervous about. Sunday talk show hosts? They’re pussycats.

Why, here, just today Barack Obama went on with George Stephanopoulos (whom, I recall, was a key player in Bill Clinton’s campaign and administration — them’s some hard-hitting journalistic credentials right there!). Obama was crippled by the lack of his customary teleprompters, but ABC — apparently in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act provisions regarding politicians — made sure he was just fine.

For example, when Obama started talking about his faith, he referred to “my Muslim faith.” Fortunately, Mr. Stephanopolous quickly corrected Mr. Obama on a matter that is so essential and critical and vital to his very core.

In the same interview, Obama revealed some never-before facts about his early life. For example, he briefly considered joining the military. After graduating from high school, he looked at the Selective Service registration form he was presented upon graduation and actually thought about signing up.

That was a remarkable slip of paper, that registration form. Obama graduated in the summer of 1979. He would not have had to register for the draft until late July or early August of 1980, when he was between his first and second years at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

This time, Stephanopoulos chose not to question Obama on this odd little discrepancy.

I’m starting to notice a pattern. Barack Obama ALMOST enlisted in the miltary. Hillary Clinton ALMOST enlisted in the Marine Corps, and later ALMOST came under sniper fire in Bosnia (along with Chelsea and Sinbad). Tom Harkin ALMOST flew fighters over Vietnam, John Kerry ALMOST served a complete tour there, Al Gore ALMOST saw combat… but I digress.

So, what is Sarah Palin so afraid of? The Sunday morning hosts are pussycats. They’ll toss her nice, softball questions, and cover for her should she stumble. It’s a cakewalk.

Hmm… maybe that’s it. Perhaps she sees those shows as wastes of time, and figures she has better things to do with her time.

Nah. What could a sitting governor/mother of five/vice-presidential nominee have to do that’s more important from sitting down and chatting with Stephanopoulos (a key figure in Bill Clinton’s electoral victories in 1992 and 1996)?

Good grief, where are her PRIORITIES?!?!?!

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