Jesus Wept

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but it seems to have devolved to DJ and me to discuss matters theological around these parts. With DJ, it’s understandable; he has a deep, abiding faith and every now and then (very rarely) he discusses it, usually in very personal terms.

Me? I’m a damned agnostic (pun partly intended). I HAVE no faith. I think that gives me a feeling that I can give objective analysis, as I have no stake in the game.

Well, the big thign going around now is the mockery of “community organizers” and the backlash from same — with extra emphasis on the argument that “Jesus was a community organizer.”

Occasionally supplemented with “and Pilate was a governor.”

Well, as a non-follower of Mr. Christ, let me just say that that particular meme is a crock of bull.

If you go by the Bible (and as it’s pretty much the only source for info on Jesus’ life), you find that he didn’t really have much of a “community” — he was a nomad. He wandered around, telling people how they really ought to live their lives and showing them that there was a better way and that they would be rewarded in the next life.

He drew people together and told them that they were good, that they could do good things, that God loved them and they ought to love another and live good lives.

He didn’t get people together and talk about how awful their status was.

He didn’t demand that the government make people’s lives better.

He didn’t demand money from the wealthy and powerful so he could better help the poor.

He didn’t involve himself in governmental affairs.

Show me a community organizer who would pick up a coin and say “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and render unto God that which is God’s.” No, they’re more likely to say something like “this means nothing to the fatcats who run this city, but it’s the difference between life and death to the poor! We need more, especially from those who have so much of it!”

I can’t see Jesus going to a polling place, except as a convenient place to find people to preach to. The same with any kind of a political rally.

You want a really good laugh? Imagine Christ at the Sermon on the Mount, instructing the apostles to pass around voter registration cards.

Of course, this overlooks the sheer strategic stupidity of the Obamoids. “Hey, stop making fun of our guy by calling him the Obamessiah! Don’t you realize he’s just like Jesus?”

As I said, I’m an agnostic, but it’s not from ignorance. I have a pretty decent grasp of the Bible and Christian theology — I just don’t buy into it. I respect it, and I only “attack” religion and people’s faith when they either try to use it to justify what I consider something wrong or try to push it on me, but I just lack the “faith” gene or something.

And that is just enough to notice that the dumbest attempts to apply Christian theology almost always comes from those who know the least about it — and hold it in the most contempt. That is when I feel the compunction to educate those idiots on the facts.

“”Know thy enemy and know yourself.” Sun Tzu, another noted non-Christian, gave that advice. Obamoids, you’re not devout Christian members of the Religious Right, and you can’t be bothered to actually learn what they think and believe, so don’t even try to out-theologize them.

Oh, and by the way, yes, Pilate was a governor. So were Bill Clinton, Michael Dukakis, Mario Cuomo, Ann Richards, and Jimmy Carter, just to name a few. Sarah Palin is currently one. So are Kathleen Sebelius, Deval Patrick, Jon Corzine, Bill Richardson, Tim Kaine, Jennifer Granholm, Rod Blagojevich, and Ed Rendell. Your point, exactly?

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