The unspeakable

I’m going to throw out two very Non PC questions. Hopefully Jay won’t banish me to the sports blog for doing so.

It is said people are notorious for telling pollsters what they want to hear. Maybe that’s a generalization or not. Remember all generalizations are false including this one.

Here’s the point of my post-

1- How big a segment of the US public would never vote for Obama because he’s black?

2- How big a segment of the US male public would vote for McCain, hoping he gets elected and then dies? This so there would be a attractive woman as President.

The first question has been posed in a roundabout way before by a blogger who I highly respect who does a online radio show.

I’ll leave Wizbang readers to answer these questions. Feel free to tell me to lay down, take my meds, or say I’m a Knucklehead for posing the above questions if you wish.

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