Outraged Community Organizers

Many on the left howled about Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin’s digs at Barack Obama’s “community organizer” experience. Lefty cable news pundits and other Democrats howled about the attack on all those community organizers around the country laboring in America’s neighborhoods. They said community organizers around the country would be angered. They conveniently forgot that the only reason anyone even mentioned “community organizers” is because of Obama’s dissing of Palin as a “small town mayor.” Obama ridiculed her small town mayor experience and got a bit of a surprise when he was asked in return exactly what executive experience he had running anything at all. His response was to cite his work as a “community organizer” and as the head of his current campaign. And he didn’t expect to be ridiculed for that response?

I was not able to follow the campaign as closely earlier in the summer and missed Michelle Malkin’s excellent work on Obama’s ACORN connections and did not realize that when he referred to community organizing this week he was talking about ACORN. Michelle Malkin has a great column on the topic at Townhall today. ACORN is well known for their voter intimidation and fraud, but I didn’t hear Obama asked about that by the media? The media had plenty of time to pursue BabyBumpGate, but maybe not so much for ACORN. But hey, now that Obama has brought it up, maybe someone in the MSM will take a closer look at his work with ACORN….Don’t worry, I am not holding my breath.

Visit Gateway Pundit to see the blogging he has done tracking abuses of ACORN in Missouri and elsewhere.

It appears that “Jesus was a community organizer” is suddenly popping up everywhere.

Update: Michelle Malkin has more info and more links.

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