The County that couldn’t count votes straight

Where else, Palm Beach County. From the Sun-Sentinel

Palm Beach County election workers looking for more than 3,400 missing ballots from last week’s voting have so far found 2,700, an official said today.

There are 758 more ballots that still need to be located, hopefully by 5 p.m. today, said county Commissioner Mary McCarty, a canvassing board member.

The ballots are needed to help local officials determine who won a close judicial race between incumbent Richard Wennet and challenger William Abramson, even though a county elections board previously called Wennet the winner.


When voting finished Aug. 26, election workers said ballot scanners in polling places indicated 102,523 ballots had been cast.

But after recounts were conducted over several days, officials could account for 99,045 ballots, or 3,478 fewer than the election night total.

I live in Palm Beach County. Who can forget the 2000 Presidential election controversy and the butterfly ballot? The elections supervisor at the time, Theresa Lepore, still gets hate mail because of what happened.

Whereas our new and ‘improved’ Supervisor of Elections, Arthur Anderson, has won three of my knucklehead awards. Anderson lost his reelection bid just over a week ago. Finishing third and last in a primary. Voters in Palm Beach County think little more of Anderson’s competence than I do.

And Not a Greek Column in Sight