Ouch, the Media Might Need to Put a Little Ice on that

The most amusing thing to watch following the Palin speech last night was the journalists pretending not to know why on earth Sarah Palin would be so critical of them. She definitely landed a punch with her criticism. Roger Simon shot back with a sarcastic, dare I say “shrill,” column listing the reasons the media does not owe Palin an apology. My answer to Simon’s silliness is to tell him that Republicans have no problem with the media asking questions. We would love to see the media ask all kinds of questions, not just of our candidates though. There are hundreds of questions that have not been asked of Barack Obama, but the media had plenty of time to go around in search of DNA samples. I could go on about how lame and whiny Simon’s response is and give examples of the things the media has gotten wrong about Palin this week, but that has already been done at Ace of Spades.

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