Obama needs a WAAAAHmbulance!

Obama needs a WAAAAH!mbulance today. He’s crying because Sarah Palin didn’t give him the credit he deserves. Because, you know, her speech should’ve including soaring rhetoric about his godliness and all she did was talk about herself and that old white-haired guy. And on top of that, she actually attacked him on experience! Her political opponent! How dare she?!


This is work I did three [sic] years ago They haven’t talked about the fact that I was a civil rights lawyer. They haven’t talked about the fact that I taught constitutional law. They haven’t talked about my work in the state legislature or the United States Senate. They’re talking about the three years of work that I did right out of college, as if I’m making the leap from 2 or 3 years out of college into the presidency.

Well, to listen to Barack Obama talk about his work as a community organizer, you’d think it was more important than being the President. And of course, the Uh-Master didn’t have any problems ridiculing her experience as mayor… of Wasilly.

Well, uh, uh, my understanding is that, uh, Governor Palin’s, uh, town of Wasilly, uh, has, I think, 50 employees… uh, we’ve got 2500, uh, in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. Uh, uh, we have a budget of about three times that, uh, just for the month. Uh, so I think that, uh, our ability to manage large systems, uh, and to execute, uh, I think has been made clear over the last couple of years. Uh, and certainly, in terms of, uh, the legislation that I’ve passed just dealing with this issue post-Katrina, uh, of how we handle emergency management. The fact that, uh, many of my recommendations were adopted and are being put in place, uh, as we speak, I think indicates the degree to which, uh, we can provide, uh, the kinds of support and good service that the American people expect.

Of course, if anyone wants to compare experience, Jeff Emanuel’s got that one covered already. And what’s this about legislation? Obama did practically nothing in the Senate except vote “present”. His wife Michelle has more executive experience than Obama does.

Poor Obama. He can dish it out, but he just can’t take an opponent that fights back.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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