Another Presidential Approval Poll

The Obama campaign, unable to find anything in Governor Palin’s speech that would help their case, decided instead to claim that she just represented another George Bush. Well, that reminded me that it is just about time again to check on the President’s approval here. As usual, please stick to yes or no for the key questions. For brevity and clarity (yes I know, but I get to wield a hammer here), I may choose to remove extraneous comments, especially any which try to disrupt the thread or attack people.

1. Overall, in your opinion has President Bush done a good job, yes or no?

2. In your opinion, is President Bush doing a good job right now, yes or no?

3. If you had to choose between one of the three tickets, which one would get your vote?

[ ] Obama – Biden
[ ] McCain – Palin
[ ] Bush – Cheney


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