Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Buy Gas Again…

Well, the Boston Globe is proving once again that, politically, it is the equivalent of the guys who go on the battlefield after the fighting is over and bayonets the wounded.

In Massachusetts, the state is running a bit low on transportation money, so the Globe has solution:

AN INCREASE in the gasoline tax is the obvious answer to transportation funding shortfalls, and the gymnastics that state officials go through to avoid it are worthy of the Olympics.

Let’s see… the economy’s in a bit of a slump right now (although it’s still growing, defying the proclamations that we’re in a recession), gas prices are finally coming down from record highs (although still higher than any previous years), so the Globe is recommending transferring more money from the people of Massachusetts (who are already taxed quite severely) and to the state, which has NEVER shown the slightest bit of fiscal responsibility.

And do it through a gas tax, which tends to hit the poor and working class harder? At a time when gas consumption is dropping in response to those high prices?

Yup, sounds like a grand notion.

I’ve got a far less obvious answer, but one that, to me, makes far more sense:


Cut spending. Cut programs. Cut pay. Cut workers.

When a government has a funding shortfall, cutting spending should be the first thing looked at. As well as the second, third, fourth, and fifth thing. Jacking up taxes, fees, and other “revenue enhancements” should be a last resort.

But not in Massachusetts. It’s often before the first resort — they do it sometimes just because they can.

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