The Pushback Begins

The McCain camp is digging in its heels and is going for the jugular. McCain is buying advertising time in which he will compare the experience of Governor Sarah Palin to Senator Barack Obama head to head. This will be good:

Mounting a ferocious defense of his embattled running mate, John McCain said he is buying a TV ad arguing that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has more experience than the Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama.

In an effort to rev up conservatives, a campaign statement issued a list of critical media mentions that it called “smears” of Palin, who speaks in primetime at the convention on Wednesday night.

The campaign announced: “The McCain campaign will launch a television ad directly comparing Gov. Palin’s executive experience as a governor who oversees 24,000 state employees, 14 statewide cabinet agencies and a $ 10 billion budget to Barack Obama’s experience as a one-term junior senator from Illinois.”(Emphasis mine)

Alright. Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty. According to the McCain camp, this ad will illustrate in stark terms how Sarah Palin’s experience blows Obama’s out of the water, and this, my friends, is exactly what the Obama campaign has been terrified of. So far, they’ve successfully duped many, many Americans into thinking that what is really Obama’s lack of experience are his brand new political clothes. Well, if this ad and Sarah Palin’s speech tonight do what I suspect they will, Obama’s going to have one hell of a wardrobe malfunction.

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