What Motivates the Evil, Radical Left

Jody Bottum has a post in which he examines the motivation of the radical Left. I’ve called them the Forces of Evil and I was right in my characterization. Take a look at these comments which they use to justify what they write. And keep in mind, they’re admiting that what they’re writing are lies:

I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to destroy the Republican Party as it exists today as well as everything it stands for.

If health insurance for all, an end to the Iraq War, an end to torture and illegal wiretapping, and a sane energy policy can be obtained at the price of destroying one teenage girl, her family, and the surrendering our self-respect I see that as a cheap trade.

This is about Power . . . How it is obtained–and how it is wielded in ways that affects all of us.

Are you telling me that you would not use character-destroying lies to ensure a war against Iran does not occur?

Are you telling me you would not spread lies about a man’s integrity, even if it defeated a candidate who take away the right to choose?

Are you telling me you would not destroy the love a family holds for one another, even if it meant letting someone who would destroy the constitution become president?

What choice do we have? When faced with monsters, we have to be monstrous ourselves.

They’ve sold their souls.

Hat tip: Jonah Goldberg at The Corner

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