Obamedia Misses the Big Story

Here is the headline currently at MSNBC.com:

Bush to invoke 9/11, praise McCain

President to make case for John McCain from White House via satellite; Joe Lieberman, Fred Thompson to make appeal to independents.

Hey, MSNBC and all the other networks — the big news is that the former Democrat VP nominee is speaking at the GOP convention and is endorsing the Republican candidate for President. That’s your headline all you Obamedia journalists. It is not really all that difficult to grasp. Just think about it this way. Pretend that the former GOP Vice Presidential nominee was speaking at the DNC and endorsing Barack Obama and cover it that way. They are no longer even attempting to appear fair or objective. Sean Hannity keeps saying 2008 will b e known as the year journalism died. I think he might just be right.

Update: After watching President Bush’s speech I wonder if his might be the big speech tonight. It was excellent. I liked the tribute to his wife and the portion of the speech about McCain speaking out for more troops. Also liked the reference to the “angry left.” MSNBC ran the reference to 9/11 as the “news.” Wouldn’t it have been more unusual, therefore more newsworthy, if he hadn’t mentioned it. It defined his presidency. It is the reason we must elect someone who remembers the threats posed by terrorism.

Update II: Fred Thompson’s speech is about half over and is perfect so far. Funny, moving, informative. Wow — lots of great lines.

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