I Will Not Back Down in My Support for Sarah Palin

Let’s be honest here. What the POS on the left are trying to do is defeat Sarah Palin by undercutting her support on the right. They’re trying to get us to waver. They’re trying to get us to go wobbly on our support for her. It’s the only way they can defeat her. They have to scare us into backing down.

Well, I’m here to say that no matter what those on the left try to do, no matter how many lies the mainstream media vomit onto their newspapers, the airwaves, and the internet, I will not back down in my support of Sarah Palin.

I know what kind of low road tactics Obama’s team pulls behind the scenes as he takes the high road. No matter what lies they feed to their partners in the mainstream media, at the Daily Kos, the Democratic Underground, Huffington Post and others, I will not back down in my support of Sarah Palin.

And let me say this: Governor Palin most certainly is qualified to be Vice president of the United States. As Governor of Alaska, she’s managed a budget of $11 billion and 15,000 state employees.The departments that she is in charge of at the state level are the same departments at the federal level. How does Obama stack up against that? Poorly.

But this has come down to principle, everyone. These people who are slandering and smearing her and her family need to be defeated. The evil they perpetrate is eating our political system alive and it must be stopped.

I know I’m not alone in this, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows where I stand.

I will not waver in my support of Sarah Palin!

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