Go west Maureen Dowd

The New York Times columnist needs some remedial lessons in US Geography. In her Sunday column Ms Dowd wrote

They(The Republican party) have a tradition of nominating fun, bantamweight cheerleaders from the West, like the previous Miss Congeniality types Dan Quayle and W., and then letting them learn on the job. So they crash into the globe a few times while they’re learning to drive, what’s the big deal?

Maybe Maureen should have checked a globe, otherwise she wouldn’t sound like a New Yorker so much. The traditional boundary for east and west in the US is the Mississippi river. Dan Quayle was from Indiana, clearly east of the Mississippi.

Also since when have there been weight classifications for cheerleading? If there were the same for columnists, the insufferable Maureen Dowd based on her intellect(not weight) would come in no better than a lightweight. I read liberal columnists regularly, Dowd has never impressed me. Actually I find it almost impossible to finish a column of hers without my eyes glazing over.

Hat tip- Ann Althouse

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