Breaking: Democrats Release Sarah Palin’s Social Security Number

Alaska Democrats have released Sarah Palin’s social security number to the Politico as part of opposition research information. Remember back in 2005 Maryland Democrats did the same thing to Michael Steele. These people are subhuman and have no place in civilized society. RedState has the red siren going:

The Politico has received an opposition research file from the Alaska Democrats. You can read it in PDF here.

In the file, the Democrats have released Sarah Palin’s social security number minus the last four digits. Also tied to the information are her various home addresses.

Sorry, but I’m not going to link to the PDF of the file because it includes her sensitive information. These people must be stopped.

Kevin adds: The Politico article which RedState mentions does not identify from whom the file was received, but it certainly doesn’t say it’s not from Democrats or a particular Democrat. That said, a better title might have been “Democratic opposition research report on Palin includes partial SSN.” Here’s what Politico says about the report:

Democrat Tony Knowles, her opponent in the 2006 Alaska gubernatorial race, put together a detailed, 63-page research document — obtained by Politico — cataloging Palin’s strengths and weaknesses. And the Obama campaign, in particular, knows Palin well: A key Obama consultant, Anita Dunn, worked on Knowles’ campaign.

…The Democratic opposition research document, which was not obtained from Dunn or from the Obama campaign, is largely a catalog of the day-to-day decisions of a small-town mayor.

Notice anyone missing from that second paragraph, Tony Knowles perhaps? It sure would have been easy to clear him in the same paragraph if he didn’t provide it.

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