Barrack Obama’s Link To the Palin Baby Lies


Back in 2005 freshman Senator Barrack Obama joined Daily Kos and indicated that he was a lurker prior to becoming a poster. He only ended up posting twice (1, 2), preferring to do his blogging on his Senate site alone, but at the time he was directly engaging the Kos community about the John Roberts confirmation hearings.

Fast forward to today’s statement about the lie-based rumor campaign conceived and propagated by two Daily Kos diarists. The diarist who set off the firestorm that has reverberated across the mainstream media (ArcXIX – possilbe bio) had, at the time of his first duplicitous fantasy conjecture, one less post at Daily Kos that the Democratic nominee for President of The United States of America.

All of which makes this section Obama’s denunciation of the rumor campaign seem a bit tone deaf:

He vehemently pushed back against an unnamed McCain aide suggesting his campaign had any ties to the blogs that were spreading rumors before the news broke, saying he was “offended” by that and if any of his staff was involved in spreading the issue, “they’d be fired.”

“We don’t go after people’s families. Our people are not involved in any way,” he said.

He most certainly has “ties” to the blog responsible for creating and spreading the rumor – he’s a member of Daily Kos.

Update: Erick Erickson at RedState details the other Obama/Kos links. Remember the Obama campaign went directly to Markos to fight the Hawaii birth certificate issue.

Update 2:: Both of ArcXiX’s posts are now gone as is his one other post from 2005. Here’s the first Palin post and the equally ville followup saved for moonbat posterity. Thanks to our readers help getting those.

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