A Sneak Peek

I really would love to be in St. Paul, but it is fun following events this week by television and internet, too. Bill Kristol just said on Fox that Fred Thompson will likely include a defense of Palin in his speech explaining that DC insiders and the media don’t get it — a woman who has accomplished a lot without the benefit of a Harvard education or the media or the blessing of the D.C. types. He also shared a story about a discussion between a McCain staffer and Sarah Palin. He said the young staffer warned Palin of the intense scrutiny she would be under and told her to expect them to really come after her. Palin responded by saying thanks for the advice, but then asked “Do you know the difference between a hocky mom and a pit bull?” the answer: Lipstick. I have a feeling that Sarah Palin is going to be the best person to defend Sarah Palin. I am really looking forward to her speech.

In the same segment, Juan Williams talked a bit about how reviled Joe Lieberman is by Democrats. Think about this, how much attention would it receive — how much of a honking big deal would it be — if the former GOP Vice Presidential nominee was speaking at the Democrat convention? This is a HUGE deal guys! It will not be played that way by the media. They will either downplay it or they will adopt the Keith Olbermann/Chris Matthews strategy of labeling Liberman a Tokyo Rose traitor.

Also on Fox News, Karl Rove went into some detail about how Palin was vetted months ago by A.B. Culvahouse. He said there was brief mention of Culvahouse being in Alaska then, but it was dismissed as a family vacation. Interesting stuff.

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