Coverage of Hurricane Katrina Gustav and where is the Moore/Fowler/Spratt footage?

I tuned into the Today show this morning to see how they were covering Hurricane Gustav, the Republican National Convention and John McCain’s choice of Governor Palin as running mate. I didn’t hear any mention at all of the Palin announcement until over 20 minutes into the program, after not only having seen all the Gustav coverage, but also seeing even more coverage of Hurricane Katrina. That makes sense. There is a Hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast and people are tuning in to get information about it. Mention of Katrina makes sense because it hit the Gulf Coast as a CAT 3 and Gustav is hitting the Gulf Coast as a CAT 3.

After 20 plus minutes into the show, Meredith Vieira did tease an upcoming segment saying “Just who is Governor Palin, the woman that John McCain picked as his running mate and is it a big gamble?” Over 40 minutes into the show they ran a short segment on how the hurricane has impacted the RNC convention. Sometime after that they ran a short segment on how Palin might affect the race. After that they returned to the Katrina Gustav coverage by interviewing Michael Brown and asking if the “Bush adminstration” had “learned its lesson.” Matt Lauer didn’t ask if the state of Louisiana or Mayor Ray Nagin or even the federal government had learned their lesson. Nope, just if the Bush adminstration had. Not surprising. Brown did say in the interview that the biggest problem last time was the failure by the state and local officials to evacuate and he did say that this time the state was evacuating. No mention of the fact that Democrats were no longer in control of the state and that this time around things might be going much better because Bobby Jindal is in control. Brown said this time they weren’t playing politics. Ha! Ah, sorry, but some people are playing politics. That is evident from the coverage on the very program he was speaking on (or lack of coverage).

Here is what I expected, but did not see in the coverage. Not one mention yet (75 minutes into the show) of the recent Michael Moore comment, “I was just thinking that, uh, this Gustav is proof that there is a God in Heaven — that it would actually be on its way to New Orleans on Day One of the Republican Convention in the Twin Cities at the top of the Mississippi River.” I know they know about the quote. Heck, it was made on MSNBC so I know they have the video. Yet no mention of it in a discussion of the politics of hurricanes. Also, no mention of the footage captured by a Redstate contributor of former DNC head Don Fowler and Democrat congressman John Spratt laughing about how the hurricane was going to ruin the Republican convention. Today could have had a two-fer because Fowler and Spratt also made fun of Sarah Palin in the exchange. It was covered here at Wizbang, but it didn’t rate a mention on Today this morning during a discussion of the politics of Katrina Gustav and following a short segment on Palin. I could understand no mention of it if all (or even most) of the Today coverage had been of the approaching storm, but since so much of the coverage was of the politics of the storm, there is no excuse.

So, there you have it. More coverage of Katrina than of Gustav, and no mention at all of the callous, disgusting comments made by not only Michael Moore, but of Democrat officials, about how funny the hurricane was and how it proved that God was on the side of Democrats. Would they have run video of the same comments if they had been made by Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity, or Ken Mehlman, or a Republican member of Congress? I have a good idea. Would they have found it just as un-newsworthy? I think it is newsworthy. So even though it has been posted here at Wizbang already, here are the Moore and Fowler/Spratt videos.

I turned the channel from the Today show an hour and a half into it. Who knows — maybe they ran that footage just after I turned the channel.

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