Why I Like Palin

I think I’ve figured out why I like Sarah Palin so much, so quickly. It’s a variety of reasons.

First up, she reminds me more than a little of my friend Candy. Both are devout Christians, strong-willed women, handy with a firearm, about the same age, mothers of three daughters and two sons, and there is more than a little physical resemblance. When I first started looking at pictures of Palin, I had to call Candy and say “our next veep could be your cousin, or maybe even sister!” She told me later that her husband agreed.

Secondly, Palin has gone out of her way to pander to me. Kindly compare this picture to this picture Candy once took of me at her home. In this era of identity politics, of ethnicity and ancestry trumping other considerations, I see that Governor Palin has reached out to us Nordic Americans (even those of us whose Nordic blood is diluted with English and (ugh) French taints), and it is my duty as a tiny-fraction Scandanavian to respond to that.

Finally, there is a long-secret link between Governor Palin and Wizbang, one so scandalous that it could never be revealed — before now. She showered with a former Wizbang author — and a male one at that — on at least one and more likely on several occasions.

Rob Port, Wizbanger Guest Emeritus, also let me briefly guest-blog on his site for a week, when I wanted a “vacation” from being editor and just being an author, and boasts of having shared showers with the then Sarah Heath in their wild, impetuous youths.

Based on that, Rob stands to be either the most favored blogger in a McCain-Palin administration, or utterly frozen out.

So yeah, there are three good, solid, convincing reasons why I like Sarah Palin. All the rest — the substantive stuff I’ve been tossing around the last couple of days — are mere cover. After all, what do her list of accomplishments and positions matter when it comes to a woman who reminds me so much of my dear friend, likes Vikings, and shared showers with my blog-buddy?

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