President Bush and Vice President Cheney Will Not Attend RNC

Via Fox News, they will be in the gulf coast instead. First Lady Laura Bush will speak tomorrow night at the convention. Gustav’s ETA at New Orleans is now 9:00am, earlier than expected.

Fox is now saying that President Bush will speak live via satellite from New Orleans and what I said about Laura Bush isn’t accurate. She will be involved in some kind of capacity with the RNC, but we don’t have details yet.

On a personal note, although it’s not as newsworthy as President Bush, obviously, I was also expected to attend the RNC but decided to stay home because my son’s first day of Kindergarten is September 2nd. I don’t want to miss my oldest child’s first week of school, so I’ll be blogging the convention as I watch it on television in my home here in Northern Michigan. There’s always 2012 and by then, with the addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket, we should be working on the reelection campaign of McCain/Palin.

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