A Shameful Brushing And Colmes-Over

I have to admit, I’ve never watched a single airing of “Hannity and Colmes,” and my one exposure to Alan Colmes was a brief portion of his radio show I once caught.

But now I know all I need to know about him: he’s an asshole.

Over on his blog, “Liberaland,” he thought he’d opine about the circumstances surrounding the birth of Sarah Palin’s fifth child. He found it rather alarming that she had flown home from Texas after her water broke.

Oh, let’s just let Colmes speak for himself:

Did Palin Take Proper Pre-Natal Care?
August 30th, 2008, 9:54 PM EDT

Rogers Cadenhead gives the timeline associated with the birth of her newest child. She had a speech in Dallas and, even after the water broke, continued with her activities, and then boarded a plane for home. She did consult by phone with her doctor.

Still, a Sacramento, Calif., obstetrician who is active in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said when a pregnant woman’s water breaks, she should go right to the hospital because of the risk of infection. That’s true even if the amniotic fluid simply leaks out, said Dr. Laurie Gregg.

Posted in Liberaland by Alan

I’d link directly to the article, but it seems to have vanished from Colmes’ site. Apparently, though, he’s unfamiliar with how these newfangled intertubes work, because it’s damned near impossible to unwrite something once you commit it to the aether. I asked you readers to track down the original article, and danged if you didn’t come through. “justacanuck” was first with the Yahoo! cache, but Freddy found one with the comments still attached. Mister Snitch and michael found versions, but MDP posted the thing — in its entirety — on his/her own site.

So, why isn’t the article still on Colmes’ site?

Well, initially, it was “technical problems.”

Then, when that story didn’t wash, it was because of the “hateful comments” in that thread.

Speaking as a blog editor, that one, too, is bullshit. That’s happened a few times here, and in those cases you have some superb options. You can delete the worst of the comments. You can “disemvowel” them. (Thanks, Kevin, for that amazingly entertaining option.) You can close off the comments entirely. And you can do any combination thereof.

One thing you DO NOT DO is delete the entire original article. That is not only the coward’s way, but it is incredibly ineffective — look how quickly readers here at Wizbang tracked down multiple copies of the article. All that does is add “incompetent” and “chicken” to whatever other epithets you have earned.

Well, we’re up to version #3 of the story, when Colmes realizes that he can’t just make the matter go away. He borrows our own Kim’s screen shot of his original article.

Well, if he has no problems with Kim’s screen shot, he shouldn’t mind my reprinting his entire article.

Oh, and Alan: if you need some advice on how to be a semi-competent blogger, drop me an e-mail. I’m known as the most technically inept member of the Wizbang family (shut up, Bill), but even I know the basics better than you apparently do.

Update: I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of informing Kim that Mr. Colmes had borrowed her screenshot. Nice chatting with you, Kim — feel free to call me any time, and sorry I interrupted your grocery shopping.

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