Throw away the keys

Loud music is a no-no in Cuba. From the BBC

A court in Havana, Cuba, has ordered a punk rock musician to pay a fine of $30 (£15) for public disorder for playing his band’s music too loud.

However, Gorki Aguila was cleared of a more serious charge that could have led to a jail sentence.

The lead singer of band Porno Para Ricardo is known for songs that ridicule Cuba’s communist government.

He had faced a possible four year term in prison for the crime known in Cuba as social dangerousness.

The leader singer belongs to a group called Porno for Ricardo. Is that Montalban or Ricardo? A picture of someone around 4′ tall suddenly crosses my mind. God help me….

Punk rock music should be banned. The same goes for elevator music, anything sung by American Idol contestants, most country and western, and 1980’s television theme music. Arrest these people at once, and cleanse the temple of these heretics!

Hat tip- Dr. Taylor at Poliblog who writes ‘this strikes me as clear example of liberalization, albeit on a small scale, in Cuba.’ Nope Cuba isn’t changing yet. When free elections are called, I will jump on that bandwagon.

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