She still gets proofed

A brief and funny moment from the hospital. On Wed. my sister-in-law Leonette pays me a visit at the hosp. After she goes for the night, I have a short conversation with my PCA. Went something like this.

PCA- How many children do you have?

Me- Two, both are angels in heaven.

PCA- Wasn’t that your daughter in here earlier?

I’m 47, my wife Leonita turns 47 on Sept 18, Leonette turns 36 In October. LOL, I guess theoretically me and Leonita could have parented Leonette. With the one not so small problem, that my wife and I didn’t meet till I was 27.

Leonette, who could still pass for someone in her early 20’s, came to the USA from the Philippines on a work visa in 1999. She is a US citizen now, single and a registered republican. No this isn’t a singles advertisement, but I’m sure Nanay(my mother-in-law) would be happy if Leonette finally married. To someone preferably Catholic too. I could say more but won’t, for fear of feeling the wrath of the Filipina mafia.

Call this my PT post for the day. My fingers are still numb, I hope they get better soon.

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