Nutroot reaction to Palin

I am quoting the comment below from DU in case it disappears:

MartyL Aug-29-08 12:21 PM Response to Original message
63. McCain is an idiot- but Sarah Palin is a real maveric

Everyone loves her up here…except for the corrupt ‘Conservatives’ and that should tell us something.

(from another post)
I like Sarah. I don’t agree with her on everything, but she seems like a good person and she kicked out that corrupt bastard Murkowski so I am very appreciative. She also just came up with the idea (that recently passed) to give Alaskans a piece of the huge oil revenues coming in to help pay for our excessive gas and energy prices. I know everyone has been dealing with this, but in Alaska our gas prices are the highest in the nation(still almost $5), and let me tell you our grocery prices, building supplies…reflect that. We have been hurting. And the ‘Conservatives’ (who love their pork from Don Young and Stevens) are all complaining about this ‘handout’ for no apparent reason other then they don’t want to pay more in taxes.

To create a distraction from the very real and obvious corruption of Stevens and Young(who are going down this november!!!), the ‘Conservatives’ up here want to Impeach Sarah Palin for some stupid ass firing of some cop. The radio stations and other corporate media totally support the corrupt bastards and are after her because she is not some bought off corporate controlled idiot like they are.

So far that is the only post I have found on the lib-logs that is not over-the-top negative. The negative comments don’t tend to be as specific as the positive one above.

On Anderson Cooper’s show, James Carville went overboard declaring Palin a Pat Buchanan Republican. Palin wore a Buchanan button when he visited Alaska, but she made clear that she did not endorse him. Carville surely knows this, but will continue to mislead. That was his big criticism of Palin. I kinda thought he could have come up with more than that. He didn’t look terribly thrilled. I think this choice is scaring the stuff out of Democrats.

More liberal reaction from Melanie Morgan:

And from my own anecdote file today:

…a Democrat businesswoman who was going to be interviewed on Air America on a non-related political topic tells me that the lefty liberal network producers are telling her that the Republicans just won the election with the Palin choice. It’s nice to hear the lib’s are running scared.

Update: Bob Owens has some Kos slime regarding Palin’s youngest child. Just when you think you have seen the worst, they continue to deliver it.

Update II: Allah is debunking some half truths about Palin at Hot Air.

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