McCain Goes For Obama’s “Negative”

Twice before, I’ve written pieces where I take a look at what Senator Obama has exhorted Americans to do, and shown how while he talks about these things, it’s usually Republicans who actually do them. Well, with the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate, we see just how empty a suit Obama is — because Palin actually IS and HAS DONE so many of the things that Obama talks about, but never actually does.

In a very odd way, Obama and Palin are like two images — a photograph and its negative. Opposites, yet in a way identical.

Just on the surface, they’re very close in age, but polar opposites — a black man and a white woman. But it’s literally far more than skin deep.

Obama talks about a “new” form of politics, divorced from the corrupt past. Well, Palin has a serious track record of cleaning house.

Obama talks about bipartisanship, about “reaching across the aisles” to unite both parties. Palin has shown her rejection to blind party loyalty by going after corruption from both sides, taking on — and taking down — a good chunk of the corrupt Republican establishment in her state.

Further, while Palin is a staunch Republican, her husband and oldest son (the only one of their five children old enough to vote) are registered as independents, and neither has ever been part of any political party.

Obama talks about “going after” Big Oil. Well, “Big Oil” is very, very big in Alaska, and Palin has taken them on directly — working with them some times, working against them in others. She’s raised their taxes and canceled their pipelines, and she’s also helped them finish other pipelines and has shown interest in opening up ANWR for drilling.

She’s not in their pocket, but neither is she in the pocket of those who enjoy vilifying them. She’s for the people of Alaska. If what Big Oil wants is good for them, then she’s helped them If it isn’t, then she fights like hell against them.

Obama has a history as a “community organizer.” Palin actually served as mayor of her community.

Obama chooses to associate himself with people like race-baiters (Jeremiah Wright), unrepentant former terrorists (Bill Ayers), and corrupt political fixers (Tony Rezko). Palin put those kinds of people out of office.

Obama says that he wants nothing to do with lobbyists. Palin won’t let them into her office.

Obama ran for the Senate, and within a year or so started running for president. Palin ran for governor, and actually got some very serious stuff done.

Obama talks about caring for the working class. Palin’s husband works part of the year in the oil fields, part of the year as a commercial fisherman — and has only a high-school diploma.

Obama talks about his respect and concern for the troops. Palin’s oldest son recently enlisted in the Army.

Obama talks about how the price of gas is hurting Americans. According to Gas Buddy, the cheapest gas in Chicago is around $4.00 a gallon. In Washington, DC, about $3.69. Personally, yesterday I found it for $3.58 in Claremont, New Hampshire. In Juneau, Alaska, it’s about $4.36.

Obama, when blessed with a teleprompter, can really talk the talk. But when it comes down to it, it’s people like John McCain, George W. Bush, and Sarah Palin that walk the walk.

And that just KILLS those who have invested so much in Obama’s lofty — but ultimately empty — rhetoric.

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