NBC Confirms Gov. Sarah Palin As McCain VP Choice


In May we broke the story the John McCain was seriously looking at Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a short-list Vice President candidate. This morning it appears confirmed that Palin is the nominee – NBC is reporting that Palin is the nominee, and CBS has confirmed it as well.

One word: Awesome

Lorie adds: Last night around 3 a.m. when most everyone else was declaring Pawlenty the pick, we posted the story from Red County about the charter flight from Alaska thought to carry Palin.

I second Kevin’s “awesome” assessment and everyone I am hearing from around the blogosphere is thrilled with this pick. For some background on Palin check out this post at Democracy Project.

Kim adds: This is brilliant. In one fell swoop, John McCain usurped Barack Obama’s mantra of hope and change. When Obama was faced with the chance to actually practice what he preached, he balked by choosing a Washington insider, Joe Biden. It was the “cantankerous and old” John McCain who delivered what Obama couldn’t: hope and real change with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

More from Lorie: Ed Morrisey has an excellent post about what Palin brings to the ticket. Read it all. Michelle Malkin has a great roundup of reaction to Palin and a really cool video.

Best quote: From Mary Katharine Ham — “This is how you do a VP announcement, rookie.”

McCain Introduces Sarah Palin
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