Liberal Women Already Trying to Destroy Conservative Sarah Palin

Stefanie Pomponi Butler at MOMocrats, a Daily Kos site for Leftist moms, refuses to consider Sarah Palin a legitimate candidate because she’s a conservative, pro-life woman who didn’t get to where she is on her husband’s coattails. Her attitude toward Governor Palin is far more sexist and far more condescending than Obama’s and the Obamamedia’s attitude toward Hillary. Some women can be so catty. A portion:

Note, I said running mate, because Vice President? I don’t think so. In fact, a month ago, Palin was dissing the VP job. And not in the “Don’t pick me (PICK ME!)” way. As in the “I don’t know what a VP does” way.

Sarah Palin, you and I see eye-to-eye on practically nothing. You are a woman, a mother, a working mother, your job(s) are hard. I know this, but, I feel a little bit sorry for you. You’ve allowed yourself to be a pawn in the Republicans’ game and yet you seem like a smart person. You were chosen to pander to Hillary Clinton supporters. Let’s not pussyfoot around that. You addressed those 18 million voters in your speech today. Palin, McCain, we see right through your scheme. Hillary Clinton supporters who would vote for McCain simply because he chose a female running mate don’t support the issues and core values that Hillary Clinton stands for. We know that, Hillary Clinton knows that, and McCain, you best believe that that’s the truth…

Trying to build up your glaring lack of experience into a curriculum vitae that comes close to Biden or Obama in 60+ days until the election? That’s going to be a tall order, but I’ll be watching.

That’s one sorry display of ignorance. Governor Palin has far more experience than Obama. She’s got executive experience. She’s met a budget. She’s taken on corruption and defeated it. She’s got vast knowledge of energy, which is a very important national security issue. Your issue with her is that’s pro-life, and since you require your women to bow down at the altar of abortion, she’s just not good enough for you.

Then Stefania continues:

When McCain goes down, and go down he will, he will say, “But at least I picked a woman.” That may seem like a positive but it isn’t. You’ll be a scapegoat. The fall girl, if you will. And then it’s back to moose burgers and ice fishing for you.

Stay catty classy, MOMocrats.

Update: CNN’s host asks that if Palin will neglect her special needs child by running for Vice President. No he didn’t use those exact words, but his meaning was clear. So CNN is still stuck in the 1950’s I see. Hat tip: Hot Air. (I reworded the first sentence of this paragraph because it sucked.)

Lorie adds: Palin responds to critcs — while shopping!

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