Breaking: Former Marine Found Not Guilty on Iraqis’ Deaths

A big hat tip to Rusty Shackleford for the heads up.

A civilian jury has found Jose Luis Nazario not guilty in the deaths of Iraqis in Fallujah:

A former Marine was acquitted Thursday by a civilian jury of voluntary manslaughter in the killings of unarmed Iraqi detainees.

The jury took six hours to find Jose Luis Nazario Jr. not guilty of charges that he killed or caused others to kill four unarmed detainees on Nov. 9, 2004, in Fallujah, Iraq.

The verdict left Nazario and his family in tears. He cried so loud that the judge smacked his gavel to call for order. Sobs from the Nazario family and friends also went up in the courtroom.

The verdict marks the first time a civilian jury has determined whether the actions of a former military service member in combat violated the law of war.

Blackfive has been following this story for a while now.

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