Was Barack’s Surprise Visit a Sign He Knows It’s Going Badly?

After Joe Biden’s speech concluded, Jill Biden showed up on stage to announce that a special guest had arrived. That’s when The One walked out on to stage. The question is why? Was he concerned about how the convention was going and needed to rally the troops?

Tom Maguire at Just One Minute reports the Nutroots are panicking at how badly the Dems’ convention is going:

Ezra Klein laments the Dem Lost Week Convention, with a second from Andrew Sullivan. This perspective on the media and their news judgment is laughable:

Then the Republican Convention will begin… And the media will not cover Ron Paul’s protesters with the vigor or attention they gave to Hillary Clinton’s diehards.

Let’s see – a Senator, former First Lady and former front-runner making history as the first woman with a serious chance at a major party nomination versus Ron Paul, a former something or other and current I-forget-what (if I ever knew). One got eighteen million votes and the other got eighteen million hits at his website. Why in any real world would their die-hard supporters get equal coverage?

Nope, this convention is not going very well. And tonight, Obama was nominated by proclamation instead of by the roll call of states. That was one of my favorite parts growing up, and it’s also the main reason for the convention. But when you’ve got the messiah’s image to protect, then you’ve got to scrap the purpose of the convention if it’s going to make him look bad. That’s not a good sign.

Exit question: since the entire purpose of the convention, the roll call of the states, was thrown out the window, how does this even remain a convention? How is it different from one huge campaign ad?

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