The Non-Obama Convention

If you missed Hillary’s speech tonight, let me summarize it for you: Obama is the Democrat nominee so I will support him, since he is the Democrat and I am a Democrat. She also talked about her campaign and how her candidacy inspired women and little girls. She looked great and her video was great. She just didn’t make the case for Obama. She didn’t talk about how he is qualified to lead. She said his name plenty of times, but she really didn’t talk about him. Tomorrow night Bill Clinton will speak. We all know what he will talk about, because it is all he ever talks about, and it ain’t Obama. The other speaker tomorrow night will be Joe Biden. Biden is known for his love of the sound of his own voice so I expect he will be talking more about himself than Obama. Since tomorrow night is “national security” night at the convention, it would be hard to say much specific about Obama (considering his limited experience in that area), even if Biden wanted to. We may have to wait until the big Obama acceptance speech Thursday night before we hear a prime time argument for an Obama presidency beyond “Vote for him because he is the Democrat.” With so much attention on stagecraft and being that the speech will take place in a huge venue outside the convention hall, I wonder if the case for Obama will be overshadowed by the theatrics. It is definitely a possibility.

Following the Hillary speech, Greta Van Susteren showed the McCain ad which includes video of Hillary criticizing Obama during the primary for having no experience and asked her guest Terry McAuliffe what experience Obama has now that he didn’t have when Hillary made that statement in the spring. McAuliffe could not answer that one, in fact he repeatedly refused to answer it, beyond saying that is just the stuff you say during primaries. The exchange went on for a while with Greta even asking why should anyone believe what any politician says during a primary then. That McCain ad showing Hillary criticizing Obama for having no experience, after praising McCain for his experience, is devastating and the question Greta asked is one that should be asked of any Hillary supporter now looking at supporting Obama. “What is Senator Obama’s experience that Senator Clinton said he didn’t have last spring? What does he now have?”

Update: Flip Pidot is looking at the text of the Clinton speech that was released prior to delivery and noting the things Hillary didn’t say.

Update II:At least Hillary used Obama’s name this time.

Raisin' McCain
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