Salisury Steak forever

This is my first post in 13 days. All typos are mine, it isn’t easy to type when three fingers on your writing hand are numb.

My heart valve surgery was on August 13th. It took almost eight hours, and then I was taken to ICU. I spent 5 days in ICU then transferred to the 3rd floor Cardio unit. The next day I went back to ICU because of complictions. It wasn’t till Aug 22nd that I left ICU for good. If my INR level will get back to a certain range, I could come home Friday. If not, probably on Sept 2nd.

How am I feeling? Pretty darn good considering. I still have a long recovery ahead. The pain is ok, but since Surgery I’ve had numbness in most of my right hand. Its gotten a little better but two of my fingers are not very good.

I could write a volume on what’s going on right now, but this will have to suffice. As far as computers go, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

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