How DARE Fox News ask liberal protestors what their message is!

The fun in Denver just keeps on going. Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins tried to interview some leftist protestors, asking offensive questions like, “What’s your message? What are you upset about?”, “Defend Denver… explain that to me, what does that mean?”, and “Do you have a message? Do you have an actual message?” Check out the video, and the oh-so-intellectual, and not to mention mature, reaction by the protestors:

So, a Fox News reporter wants to give them a platform to express their thoughts and opinions freely, and this is a bad thing? Could it possibly be because they aren’t accustomed to being questioned and asked to express in detail what they stand for? Chanting easy-to-remember slogans is simple. Actually expressing coherent and intelligent thought is not quite as simple.

And so what if Fox News isn’t idealogically exactly the same as they are? I thought liberals were the proponents of tolerance and diversity. Theoretically there shouldn’t be any problem then. But, surprise surprise, the only intelligent answer these idiots could give was “Fuck Fox News”. Nice.

Hat Tip: Dr. Helen

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